13 Best Austin Hard Money Lenders

This is a list of the best hard money lenders in Austin, Texas.

You’ll learn:

  • what they look for
  • how much they charge
  • where to find them

If you’re looking for a rental property loan, fix and flip loan or a bridge loan, you’ll appreciate this article.

Let’s jump in.

Here are the best private money lenders in Austin who specialize in short-term asset-based lending.

  1. Easy Street Capital
  2. Loan Ranger Capital
  3. Longhorn Investments
  4. FlipCo Financial
  5. Noble Mortgage & Investments
  6. Little City Investments
  7. Tidal Loans
  8. BridgeWell Capital
  9. Stratton Equities
  10. Kiavi
  11. Navigator Private Capital LLC
  12. CCG Capital
  13. Zeus Lending

What Do Austin Hard Money Lenders Look For?

Unlike traditional lenders, Austin hard money lenders look for different criteria. Here’s what they typically require:

  • Credit Score: Asset-based lenders use your credit score and borrower experience to calculate interest rates.
  • Business Purpose: Hard money lenders typically require you to be incorporated under INC or LLC.
  • Collateral: Since hard money loans don’t require personal income or finances, the appraised value of an investment property is more important.
  • Cash Flow: If applying for a rental loan, lenders will look at monthly cash and rental market trends.
  • Experience: Private lenders use your experience in real estate investing to calculate your interest rate.
  • Fees: They may charge higher fees than traditional lenders, so it’s important to factor that into your decision.

Easy Street Capital

1201 E Cesar Chavez St, Suite 1, Austin, TX 78702


Easy Street Capital is one of the largest hard money lenders in Austin, TX. They offer lending for fix and flips, investment property rentals and even fund new construction real estate projects. In 2022, they originated over $1 billion in bridge loans.

Since 2016, they’ve expanded their investment property financing to over 40 states. To offer fast closings, they simplified the application process and minimized document-gathering. Since they’re a direct Austin asset based lender, they don’t need tax returns, bank statements or income verification.

Loan Amounts: $100,000-$2 million
Interest Rates: Minimum 8.99%
Origination Points: 2-3%
Maximum LTC: 85%
Maximum LTV: 70%

Loan Ranger Capital

1515 S Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 306, Austin, Texas 78746


Loan Ranger Capital is known as one of the quickest direct lenders for Austin real estate projects. While other lenders choose to work all over the country, they prefer to specialize in the local market. Their loan programs consist of financing investment properties, fix and flip loans, construction loans, 36 month buy and hold loans, transactional funding loans and more.

Since they’re one of the few direct lenders, they always have cash on hand and don’t have to sell loans to a different company. They have a sales team that specializes in new loan inquiries, a funding team who does the loan processing, an asset management team that processes the draws and valuations and even an in-house financing team that does the accounting and extensions. Loan Ranger Capital is one of the best fix and flip lenders and therefore offers great financing for flipping houses.

Credit Score: No credit minimums
Prepayment Penalty: No
Origination Points: 2-3
Minimum Interest Rates: 9.9%
Loan Term Length: 6-12 Months
Extensions: Possible

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Longhorn Investments

17103 Preston Rd STE 250, Dallas, TX 75248


Longhorn Investments is a Dallas hard money lender founded in 2008. As of April 2023, they issued over $975,117,674 in real estate loans and funded over 6,280 loans. No matter where you look, they have positive reviews.

They’re known to be a fast, reliable and professional direct lender. While they do offer hard money loans in Texas, they also work with Alabama, Georgia, Indiana, Missouri, North Carolina and Tennessee.

If you’re looking for a fix and flip loan for beginners, they have a breakdown of how the draw process works and lots of helpful content.

Max ARV: 75% (Rentals)
Max ARV: 70% (Fix & Flips)
Min Credit Score: 650
Min Checking/Savings: $15,000

FlipCo Financial

12140 Wickchester Ln STE 100, Houston, TX 77079


FlipCo is a direct loan lender that’s known nationwide for financing investment properties. While they’re based in Houston, they have a large presence in Austin. Their parent company has over 20 years of experience in direct real estate funding in Texas.

They specialize in fix and flip loans, short term bridge loans, investment property refinance loans, transaction funding and more. FlipCo offers hard cash loans in Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Arizona, Colorado, North Carolina and South Carolina. They offer fast closings, no pre-payment penalty on many loan types and 100% funding rehab budgets.

Noble Mortgage & Investments

8203 Willow Pl Dr S #660, Houston, TX 77070


Noble Mortgage & Investments is one of the largest mortgage lenders that also offers hard money loans in Austin. They offer conventional loans, FHA, commercial loans, residential bridge loans, fix and flip financing, cash-out refinance loans, new construction financing and other hard cash loans.

Since 2003, they have gained over 20+ years of experience in Texas real estate financing. Depending on the project, they offer up to 100% financing for rental properties in need of repair.

Min Loan Amount: $50,000
Amortization: Interest Only
Max LTC: 100%
Max ARV: 75%

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Little City Investments

2210 South 1st St, Unit L, Austin, TX 78704


Little City Investments is one of the only hard money lenders in Austin, Texas. Kary Aycock founded the business in 2006 in hopes of helping other investors in the Austin real estate community. Since then, it has grown to be a major player in the Texas real estate lending market.

They offer rehab funding, such as fix and flip loans and other types of house flipping loans that require renovation or some type of construction. Little City Investments also offers refinance loans (cash-out refinancing), commercial land loans, construction loans and more.

Interest Rates: Minimum 9.5%
Origination Fee: 2-3 Points
Minimum Loan Amount: $150,000
Maximum LTV: 75%
Minimum Credit Score: 550

Tidal Loans

2616 South Loop W, Suite #505, Houston, TX 77054


Tidal Loans is a large hard money lender in Houston, Texas. They specialize in fix and flip loans, rental property loans, cash-out refinancing, new construction loans, long-term loans, short-term bridge loans and more. While they have local market expertise in Texas, they also offer loans all around the United States. 45 states to be exact.

The Texas company is known for fast closings and a simple qualification process. Their short-term asset based loans can be used for property acquisition costs, renovation materials, repair costs (labor) and more. As long as they are used for investment properties (since they are business purpose loans).

Interest Rates: Minimum 8.99%
Origination Fee: 2-3 Points
Minimum Loan Amount: $0-$5 Million
Maximum ARV: 70%
Fix and Flip Loan Term: 3-24 Months
New Construction: Up to 18 Months

BridgeWell Capital

2400 E Colonial Dr #200, Orlando, FL 32803


While BridgeWell Capital is located in Florida, you can’t have a list of hard money lenders in Austin without including them. Specializing exclusively in investment property funding, they are a must on every list. They offer commercial property lending, rental property loans, flipper financing, rehab loans to long-term rental loans, cash-out refinancing loans and even multi-family unit loans.

They’re rated A+ on BBB and have excellent reviews from previous customers all over the internet. Since they originate loans in-house, you can expect fast turnaround time and quick closings. They work with bad credit, self-employed real estate investors, previous bankruptcies and even a history of foreclosures. When it comes to their fix to flip loan program, they don’t charge interest on undrawn rehab funds.

Established in 2008, they have over 15+ years of experience. They’ve also funded over $500 million of real estate financing projects. Here are some benefits of working with them on a fix and flip loan.

Maximum ARV: 75%
Undrawn Rehab Funds: No Interest
Pre-Payment Penalty: No

Stratton Equities

28 Bloomfield Avenue, Pine Brook, NJ 07058


Stratton Equities is one of most reputable hard money lending companies in the industry. They work with many trusted brokers and loan officers all around the country. Loan programs include NO-DOC loans, DSCR loans, hard cash loans, fix and flip funding, residential bridge loans, commercial properties, family units, cash-out refinancing and even foreclosure bailouts.

With direct lending financing in over 45 states, they have the funds for practically every real estate investment project. As a direct lender, they can sometimes offer pre-approvals in less than 24 hours.


575 Market Street, San Francisco, CA 94105


Kiavi offers an efficient process to access financing for investment properties. They specialize in fix and flip loans, bridge loans, DSCR rental loans and even consolidating portfolio loans. Many real estate investors use them to consolidate 5+ rental properties under one long-term loan.

Their true competitive edge is simplicity, competitive interest rates and a fast turnaround process. Rather than complicating the loan process with endless paperwork, they’ve automated lots of the verifications online. They’ve funded over 50,000+ real estate properties across 32 states.

Many brokers prefer to work with them because they fund about 95% of the real estate projects they come across. Compared to the industry average which is 75%

1910 Towne Centre Blvd Suite 250, Annapolis, MD 21401


Navigator Private Capital LLC prefers to focus on low-risk real estate development projects. While they work with short-term loans and long-term loans, their loan requirements may be more stringent compared to other hard cash lending companies.

Their speciality is speed and flexibility with closings as fast as 48 hours. While they do have stronger approval guidelines, you’ll experience less last minute surprises. Like other direct lenders, NavCap offers fix and flip renovation loans, 5+ unit residential flipping loans, financing on new construction projects, rental property loans and DSCR rental property loans.

Minimum Loan Amount: $75k
Pre-Payment Penalty: None
Terms: Maximum 12 Months
Purpose: Business Purpose Loans Only
Borrowers: Business entities only
Max Loan to Value: 70% ARV
Max Loan to Cost: 90% on purchase price and 100% on repair costs

CCG Capital

3600 N Capital of Texas Hwy, Suite 120, Austin, TX 78746


CCG Capital is a hard money lender in Austin, Texas that was founded in 2007. While they are Texas based, their investor funds are registered under Regulation D Security filed in all 50 states. The loans disbursed from these fund are backed by first lien deeds of trust on both residential and commercial real estate properties.

Unlike traditional banks who offer conventional bank loans, CCG is considered a Texas asset-backed loan lender. Meaning funded real estate projects are backed by the property (asset). They offer new construction commercial loans, commercial rehab loans, commercial land loans, residential rehab loans, fix and flip loans, equity cash out refinancing loans and more.

Closings: As fast as 10 days
Loans: $250,000 – $5 million
Terms: 3-18 months
Interest Rates: 11%+
No Pre-Payment Penalty

Zeus Mortgage Bank

5177 Richmond Ave, Suite 640, Houston, TX 77056


Zeus Lending is a private money lender in Houston, TX who offers financing for Austin real estate properties. They also offer real estate loans in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and other cities in Texas. While they do offer mortgages, they also offer alternative lending, such as collateral-based lending. So if you can’t get a traditional mortgage, they also have the option of interest-only loans.