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At Curlee Capital, we acknowledge the social and economic impacts our borrowers have on their respective communities. This acknowledgment is the motivation that drives us to provide the most value to every client, and it’s the backbone of our success and pride. To support that, we provide several real estate financial solutions. This diversity in our line of products ensures it widens the scope of real estate investors that we can finance. We have been working with investors from Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Ohio, Missouri, Kentucky, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, Texas, South Carolina, and North Carolina. We provide real estate acquisition and construction loans and much more at affordable and fixed rates. A lot of measures are considered before coming up with these rates making our rates market-friendly.

We provide these loans without hassles as a lender because we want to support property investors and improve the community. We know that timely investment results in more profits in the real estate world, so we work to ensure that our clients get the finances they need in time. We have a team of dedicated colleagues that pride themselves on serving every client with love. We welcome all real estate investors as we have different investment options to accommodate almost everybody. Our rates start at 3.875%, with 30-year fixed rates starting at 4.125%. These rates are rational as professionals calculate them to reflect the current market.

Geographically located in the southeastern United States, North Carolina is a state covered by diverse people, and due to this, it has a vast market. In addition to the crowded nature of this state, it is so lucrative to invest in, as the state has sufficient sources of income to sustain its inhabitants. This population also allows for different opportunities and supplies you with the market your business needs. The economy is growing and with large margins between the years. In 2018, the state’s GDP ranked among the top 15 in the United States, standing at greater than 550 billion. That was a 0.3 increase from 2017, and it has continued to grow. The state has made annual growth of tens of thousands of new employment opportunities, achieving a more excellent yearly average. Its massive landscape covers a large area bordering the Atlantic Ocean on the east and the Blue Ridge mountains on the west, a large stretch, creating a wide opening for multiple different types of businesses and invention and innovation. Over time, the state has gradually changed to a more homogeneous state similar to the United States, offering knowledge-intensive services.

COVID-19 was a big blow to all the sectors of North Carolina’s economy. The economy almost came to a complete drop in the first quarter of 2020. The federal government’s American Rescue plan, an initiation to help homeowners with their different difficulties like foreclosure and displacements, an amount of $273 million was awarded to North Carolina. The Department of Treasury has put its weight behind the program through its recent award to North Carolina. This move assures all stakeholders in North Carolina that their investments are safer despite the pandemic. The economy has been recovering from the Corona Virus pandemic, with positive growth in the state’s economy since the last quarter of 2020.

Generally, North Carolina’s Cost of living is affordable. People tend to move and settle in areas with the best amenities and favorable Cost of living, which is offered in the state; this favors personal growth and self-actualization. Furthermore, the inhabitants have more to save. The more a person can keep, the more the person can invest. With that, real estate investors should focus on investing in North Carolina as the inhabitants have the capital to buy or lease property. The swiftly increasing population in North Carolina has, in turn, increased the demand for real estate products. People of all ages inhabit the state, and this favors all the diverse real investors. Furthermore, North Carolina is networked by an excellent road network with higher above-average rankings in different sectors of its highway system. Its highway system in the urban areas seems to be of better quality in the United States ranking, unlike its road system covering the rural areas in the state.

The rental prices are constantly increasing all over the United States; as North Carolina is experiencing a good rise, this acts as a motivational tool for the state inhabitants to opt into buying premises rather than renting. The increase in rental prices should be an eye-opener for real estate investors to invest more and eventually enjoy good profits. Durham, Charlotte, Raleigh, Asheville, and Carry are the five most prosperous towns for real estate in North Carolina. It is high time for real estate investors to channel their funds into these regions.

Statistics have it that the rate of employment in North Carolina is increasing at 2% year-over-year. There is over a 2% increase in population yearly, with the household growth cited above 1.5% annually, leading to a 0.5% decrease in apartment vacancy in the last quarter of 2019. All these increases result in economic development. We noted that the state of North Carolina records a 2.2% year after year economic growth. This growth is an excellent indicator for real estate investors as it portrays that there will be an increase in the demand for real estate products as the years go. Real estate investors are advised to increase their investments in North Carolina as the real estate market has constantly been booming.

North Carolina is undergoing significant alterations and advancements in technology, making it one of the best states to invest in. The metropolitan areas in North Carolina have high demands for homes, with a majority of its population willing to purchase and have the ability to do so. Demand in most areas has outpaced supply making for a great real estate market reason behind it being prices are always on the rise. The availability of suitable homes is becoming more of a requirement as the population grows swiftly in a majority of the cities and towns. Profit is assured for real estate as property tends to go for higher prices than their listed prices. Since every real estate investor is always after profit maximization, North Carolina is the state they should all run to. Curlee Capital is here to finance you whenever need be.

Property taxes in North Carolina are low compared to the rest of the country, establishing better grounds for real estate investors to make more significant profits. Investments in the state have proved to set up strong cash flows for investors. Despite the competition, real estate investors have ended up counting up more gains than losses. Similar properties in the same geographical area have also achieved great sales performances. However, unique features in homes make them hotter in the market. Some of the major hot spots for investing in real estate include; Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham, Asheville, and Cary.

Charlotte, also known as the ‘Queen City, serves as one of the major economic centers in the Southeast United States. The city’s favorable economic and social conditions heavily favor its real estate market. High demand in the city for homes has resulted from the heavy incoming population. In some of the major cities in North Carolina, millennia are flocking, creating an ever-growing market. Charlotte’s high population of more than 2.5 million people distributed around 199 neighborhoods creates its dynamic and growing market. The thriving neighborhoods are great for investments in real estate. The city was formerly ranked as the fastest-growing metropolitan area (area (2002-2014) in the United States, and is well known for its international population.

The city homes multiple company headquarters, creating lots of employment opportunities for its population. Also, these companies would act as clients to real estate investors as the companies may want to hire or buy premises from time to time. It tops in millennial population growth and attracts around 100,000 new people every year. The number of people settling in Charlotte is greater than the number of those moving out. Over the years, this has made it the largest metropolitan area between Washington and Atlanta. The city’s diverse religion has also created a base for population growth. Charlotte has recorded large numbers in different denominations.

Furthermore, large religious organizations have their headquarters in Charlotte, for example, the Baptist Peace Fellowship and the Advent Christian Church. A large number of Jewish people are also present in the city. Some of the largest institutions have chosen Charlotte as a location for their headquarters. Trust, the 6th largest financial institution in the United States, has its headquarters in Charlotte. Other giants like Wells Fargo have also made the same decision of locating their headquarters in Charlotte. Some companies are relocating their headquarters to Charlotte, like Dole Food Company. Others are conducting their primary operations on the east coast in Charlotte, causing the rise in demand for real estate commodities. To fill these gaps, many real estate investors are urged to come and invest in the city. We are at the forefront to ensure that any investor has sufficient funds and resources to partake in this niche.

The city has a diverse range of businesses, including financial service companies, packaging, door and window maker, transportation, and many more. These create its dynamic economy and help to make sure of its future growth. Charlotte is the foundation for multiple energy-based organizations. In the city are around 240 companies tied to the energy sector. The transport sector is growing swiftly in regards to trucking and freight transport. The uptown area has new bars, restaurants, and clubs operating, creating a better entertainment environment. Real estate investors in the entertainment field are invited to invest in Charlotte too.

Charlotte hosts festivals annually and also special events. An example is the Carolina Renaissance Festival, an outdoor, 25-acre renaissance-themed amusement park with an average attendance of 200,000 people from all around the country. The festival features multiple activities from arts and crafts, games to feasting. This festival is attended in October and November each year. Yiasou Greek Festival is one of the hugest cultural events in Charlotte, and it offers food, fun for both adults and kids, and even tours. The festival attracts around 45,000 people each year. With these and other significant events hosted in Charlotte, the city has increased numbers from the attendees relocating to it. The city has one of the largest school districts in N.C., Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools, with over 147,000 students learning in different schools. Many private and independent schools are also present in the area. Also, there are multiple Universities and Colleges, some of which are the largest in North Carolina.

The University of North Carolina at Charlotte ranks the hugest in the city and ranks closely in second place in the most prominent universities list in North Carolina. Central Piedmont Community College has more than 70,000 students annually and six campuses in the region.

North-West Charlotte offers excellent outdoor activities like hiking and camping. The destination lake makes for an area worth visiting and also for a better real estate market. South-East Charlotte having golf communities, churches, Jewish communities, luxury developments, and private schools has ensured the area’s economic growth in population.

The typical home values in North Carolina have risen by 19.0% over the past year, currently standing at slightly above $260,000. This value makes the state a gold mine in the real estate sector as these prices will still earn you good profit as an investor. The mean time it takes to sell a home in North Carolina is approximately 86 days, listing through to closing. The home sale timeline is altered by crucial factors like time of the year, market conditions, and your property’s type and condition. The best month for selling fast is June, with properties staying an average of only for 36 days on the market. The best month to sell for maximum profits in July, with the median price higher than the annual average.

Raleigh, North Carolina’s capital, is the 2nd biggest city in North Carolina. It is the largest city in the Research Triangle metropolitan area. In the 21st century, Raleigh has grown and now offers an excellent quality of life and a lucrative business environment. The city is also known for its international population, with diverse businesses, including food processing and telecommunications equipment industries. These varied industries present a large employment pool for their population. Pharmaceutical and healthcare industries have grown majorly in the late years together with other sectors. The former topping place for careers and businesses is home to museums for commercial and educational purposes.

The city has organizations offering leisure opportunities at over 150 sites. With a large percentage of the population holding college degrees, the city’s rate of employed people is high, raising the average household income. Part of the city’s population growth can be attributed to the numerous colleges in the city. A variety of schools in the town results in it being an absolute environment for families. With its high population of around 500,000 people, it establishes an excellent real estate market. It is one of the most competitive markets in the United States. Its positive market growth is ensured by the strong standing economy, which is set to grow. The prices of homes in Raleigh have appreciated by more than 7% in the last year alone. Also, rents have increased by greater than 9% from the previous year.

North-East Raleigh neighborhoods have had one of the highest demands. It has the hottest zip code, 27616, ideal for buying and selling, having its homes located not far from the leading employers and large tech companies. This proximity is one of the crucial requirements for homeowners. The place has achieved a high market demand. Buyers are, without second thoughts, willing to compromise to own a home in the area. The compromise, together with the low availability of homes to the buyers, prices for 31% of homes usually end up higher than the listing hence assurance for profit. South Raleigh is sometimes overlooked, but it is an excellent neighborhood looking at many employment opportunities and multiple lifestyle options. The area has attractive dining options and perfect spots for shopping. For recreational people, there are numerous outdoor activities.

Asheville, the largest city in Western North Carolina, offers a great real estate market following the city’s low living costs. This low Cost acting as one of the major factors has driven the population growth in the city. The city’s population is currently standing at around 93,000. The town has a plentiful job supply, with the unemployment rate currently at 3.9%, better than North Carolina’s as a whole. On average, the city is more affordable than North Carolina as a general. Its living Cost is lower than North Carolina by more than 10%. Several major corporations are headquartered in Asheville, providing plenty of job supply. Property in the city is in high demand creating stress for the buyers but an advantage for the sellers. It also drives price growth resulting in multiple offers for a property.

Consequently, the buying price ends up more elevated than the listing price. Also, making the city a real estate goldmine is the almost matching rental demand. The city offers recreational opportunities like soccer, ice hockey, hockey, and kayaking; Kayaking is the most favorite recreational activity in the city. In and surrounding the town are several higher education institutions. A thriving networked transportation system as well supports Asheville.

Cary’s rapid population growth since previous years has seen the town becoming an ideal real estate market. It is the largest town in North Carolina. Its way of incorporation with the state is the reason it is still referred to as a town. The town’s population stands at over 170,000 and is projected to grow in the future years. Its municipality is among the fastest-growing in the United States. The city has a high median household income compared to the surrounding areas. The town has low crime rates compared to cities like Charlotte. With most of the adult population holding a bachelor’s degree or higher, the employment rates are also high. The town has a diverse business economy with various businesses like ABB group, 3Dsolve, and many other employers in the city. The SAS Institute tops the list as the largest employer in the town, employing over 5,000 people in the city, followed by other major organizations like MetLife and Verizon. The city has numerous parks and recreational centers. They provide multiple leisure opportunities, including soccer, tennis, and baseball, among others. The school system based in Cary is the most extensive school system that is public in North Carolina. The system is composed of multiple high, middle, and elementary schools. In addition, there are numerous private schools. The town’s transport system is sufficient and offers additional service privileges for senior citizens and disabled riders. The city has high homeownership rates of more than 70%. Homes in the town sell at significantly greater prices than the listing prices by around 7%, with hot homes doing even better.

The Charlotte metropolitan area is among the fastest-growing in the United States. The metro area of Raleigh-Durham and Wilmington has seen a massive surge in investment activity. The global financial center covers a slightly larger than 3,000 square mile area. In consideration of the high population, it makes for the ideal place for an investment property. The area is served by an excellent transport industry and also is an entertainment destination. Multiple companies having their headquarters here makes it a significant employment hub. The market has, in turn, become of the statistic, demand outpaces supply. Charlotte is listed as one of the fastest-growing cities, growing faster than Rock Hill, Charleston, and Durham. Significant companies are doing their work in the area. In succession, the major universities located in the metropolitan area subsequently triggered fast population growth, one of the fastest in the United States. Considering the high annual population growth and other factors, Charlotte has become the 7th most suitable area to do business in and among the best real estate markets. We at Curlee Capital give you the best solutions to establishing your investment here and advancing it to rank higher than your competition. Home values are rising in large margins annually. Homes sell at great discounts depending on the time of year with a guaranteed profitable sale-to-list price. The area has a high rating in terms of life quality, which is why Millennials moved into the area in large numbers. The quality of life makes it ideal for people to live, work, and play for most age groups. Looking to make a real estate acquisition of advancement, turn to us, Curlee Capital, for the perfect investment loans.

Durham is the fourth most populous city in North Carolina. Durham, the 75th most populous city in the United States and the core of the Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Area, is an excellent spot for our acquisition and construction financial support. The many job opportunities created by the major industries in the city follow a sizeable real estate market. Its population stands at almost 300,000, with an annual growth of nearly 2%. It is one of the best business centers to invest in with an assurance of steady cash flow for owners of commercial properties. The city is known to be an affordable place to live. Renting prices in Durham are a bit above the nation’s average. Availability of employment opportunities is not a problem as Durham is home to influential organizations offering employment opportunities in large numbers. Health care continues to grow together with pharmaceuticals. Being a leader in matters relating to health, the Duke University Health System has become one of the major employers in Durham.

The residential sale price in Durham has risen by over 30% from last year. The number of days homes take to sell has been reduced to 31 days compared to the previous 42 days in the past year, implying an increase in demand for real estate products and that investors would make quick profits when they invest in the city. Properties on sale have an average of 115% sales price to listing price percentage, higher than the neighboring regions. The city hosts some of the most significant events, like the OUT south Queer Film Festival, which is among the most influential film festival of its kind in the Southeast. Other events like jazz festivals, art exhibitions, and cultural expositions attract many people in Durham. Durham is a major educational center, among the largest in North Carolina, consisting of a dozen high schools, 30 elementary, ten middle, and two secondary schools setting up the ideal environment for families with young children. Duke University is also a significant employer in the city. The city has around 14,000 students. Other recognized universities include Carolina State University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, and North Carolina Central University, making Durham a favorable spot for people to do their graduate and undergraduate programs. A good transport network as well covers Durham.

North Carolina has a business network comprising 58 minor businesses. This offers many business ventures. Never rule out an investment property due to limited capital. Curlee Capital bridge loans are here to support you through your endeavors. The state’s economy revolves around the financing of banks.

North Carolina is one of the most populous states in the United States and has a high population growing index, containing a mixture of races, including English, Spanish, and others. It is the 28th largest state among the 50 states in the United States, which necessitates infrastructure to support the population. The state’s population has grown by 952,601 since 2010. Considering the poverty rate in the state reducing by 4.7% to 14.7%, the increment in need for further real estate to support the upcoming population as people are always looking to upgrade their homes. Furthermore, with the median household income ranging at around $57 341, this gives the people a certain degree of purchasing or even renting. Investing is easily accomplished by the fix and flip loans we offer. Our fix and flip packages are one of the best. We offer 90% LTC (the metric used in construction to compare the financing of a project as provided by a loan versus the actual Cost), allowing you to do the maximum with the loan. We promise total completion of your project from start to finish. We are here to ensure the perfect setup for the rising number of employees in North Carolina.

North Carolina’s robust real estate market makes it the perfect place for Curlee Capital, with millennials flocking to the state’s major cities of Durham, Raleigh, and Charlotte in record numbers. With our support, it would be wise to invest in currently preexisting and yet-to-be acquired establishments. In addition, both rents and home values are increasing, offering excellent cash flow and return to investors creating a win-win situation for our clients and ourselves. We do our best to help you advance your business to keep your head in the game against the stiff competition. With the rising process of properties in North Carolina, not forgetting the fast-rising competition, it would be wise to invest sooner to keep you up to date with recent trends and(/or) also expand to accommodate a more significant number of clients for your business. It would be an intelligent move to give your business the new century look rather than operating in the old infrastructure, which will eventually lead to your real estate businesses losing customers to your competitors. Curlee Capital is equipped to do all this for you, and you are the one set to benefit.

We are committed to providing fast solutions for each borrower’s unique and unconventional financing requirements for real estate investment. Do not allow a liquidity setback to stop you from achieving your real estate desire. Our flexible loans have numerous loan splits giving you the allowance for separation of your investment debt and your owner-occupier debt.

Back in the 1870s, North Carolina had all the things needed to start industrialization in the area. These essentials included capital, labor, raw materials, markets, and transportation. North Carolina had immense funding and possessions in the civil war, but investments were still being made. Mills pushed through a hard time and expanded, and the profits made were put to buy in other new factories. With minimal capital and loans offered to them, the industrialists grew their industries. The state since the 1970s has diversified than ever before. New sectors have outgrown the traditional ones creating vast employment opportunities making it a great spot to invest in a place to stay. Curlee Capital can make this happen with minimal hassles and very fast too.

Our 30-year rental loans go up to 80% loan-to-value purchasing a property, and 75% on cash-out refinance venues. Morrisville is home to multiple high-tech companies, a significant factor in the high town’s ranking. When you want to fix up a property and commercialize it at your preferred timing, we are here to help you realize this. North Carolina has numerous businesses with high average per-business revenue, hence a lucrative business location for growing companies. Mount Airy, well known for its granite quarry and industries like furniture enterprises, is an excellent place to base your business or extend it.

Its communities are well set up, creating a stable market like Pineville with self-established telecommunications and electric companies. In addition, it has recreational facilities and textile: Hickory and Conover, the residence of many thriving businesses.

Brevard has a significant economy in tourism and summer camps. In all these towns, including others like Hendersonville and Reidsville and many more, we provide loan services to help you with your investment properties, improve your profits, and grow your business. Our rates start from 3.875%, with fixed rates starting at 4.12%, ranking us among the few offering offerings at the lowest rates compared to average speeds. The loans are dependent on the loan-to-value ratio and Fair Isaac Corporation evaluation. Year by year in Mecklenburg County, there is evidence of a 3.9% increase in rental prices, although still sitting below the national average. Renting in the area has proven affordable, with the rent being below 30% of median income. This rate makes the area more attractive to live in.

Furthermore, these numbers still ensure that properties in the area will still give investors profits but may not be as much as one might require. Investors may remain with the option to look outside the urban hot-spot to find better rental markets. We will support you regardless of your location or preference.

There was a drastic fall in architectural billings in Charlotte, which was later redeemed back to its higher levels as they were before the pandemic. The towns and villages have diverse business structures supporting them. They have great prices for real estate properties with a population willing to purchase. Unemployment rates are growing thinner, increasing the real estate market. All the areas have excellent facilities sustaining the people, with multiple organizations offering job opportunities giving a large population the ability to purchase homes.

Despite the pandemic causing a drop in economy in most parts of the state, the state is recuperating its economy swiftly. Median home prices stand at sufficient amounts, an assurance of great profit, and a substantial market for future investments. The population of North Carolina is projected to increase by more significant numbers, accounted by the attractions in the state bringing in thousands of new people yearly. With varying times in the year, it creates opportunities for the best prices to buy houses at considerably low rates and sell at great prices. Companies basing their headquarters in the state have ensured future job creation growth, hence being ready to support the ongoing population growth. The cities and towns have well-established school systems suitable for families to find a home.

Looking to acquire real estate property in North Carolina? we at Curlee Capital can offer you a 30-year rental loan with comparably fair rates. Getting into the genuine estate market of North Carolina might take a toll on your finances. Our 30-year rental loan comes with a 30-year fixed rate. Understanding the real estate statistics of an area before investing is vital. It will help create a clearer picture of what you desire to set up and what you want the outcome to be. Consulting experts of real estate in the area is an excellent idea in assisting you in understanding all the prospects of your investment and the advantages and disadvantages in investing in the area. It will better your choices on the location and method to invest.

Over time metropolitan areas in North Carolina have proved profitable with good prospects growing. There is steady and robust cash flow in the state due to sufficient household incomes. Not forgetting the demand for renting is currently high and also on the rise. Most of the adult population has reliable sources of revenue. The market in North Carolina is predictable, allowing you to plan well for your future. Banks dominating the state’s economy, Curlee Capital is a private lender providing loan services for you with minimal traditional hassles and help you with your property investment as swiftly as possible. Every real estate investor is advised to source finances from the most affordable sources to enjoy maximum profits without too much pressure. Despite the weather changes, the state still stands as one of the places people desire to live.

Contrary to your property selling in a short time, staying in the market longer will most likely tend to raise its prices. Multiple new investors have eyed the state’s real estate markets, looking to invest in the hottest markets in the state. North Carolina, over the years, has turned out to offer some of the most desirable real estate markets in the United States.

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